He would then attempt to spike past Lev and Yamamoto but is surprised to see that Yaku was in place to receive. Hinata yells for a toss as he runs across the court. He is capable of reading social cues and be incredibly empathetic toward others' struggles. Yū and Tanaka fought with guys from a different school after they were picking up on Kiyoko which ending up doing roadwork outside of their respective prefecture. He is momentarily stunned when he hears the Inarizaki cheer section booing but finds that it is not directed at him but rather Riseki. After Kageyama gets back into the game, Hinata tells him that no matter how much Kageyama pretends to be a goody-two-shoes, he’ll still be a King to Hinata. At first, Ukai assumes Hinata only thinks he sees everything until he looks into the latter’s eyes and realizes he’s serious. 51.9 kg (114.4 lbs) - Apr 2012 On December 10th, Hinata and Kageyama reunite after both training camps are over[57]. Hinata replies that back in junior high, he thought that he had to handle everything by himself because his team was a complete mess but now, he is surrounded by players who are much better than he is. When Nekoma takes the lead at 22-21 with Fukunaga serving, Hinata's running path is blocked when Tanaka makes the receive. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Daichi rounds up the “four idiots” that night to lecture them on how to study. As Nishinoya's catching up with the members, he asks if Asahi came back and when the answer's no, he insults Asahi. Now back in Karasuno High, the members are busy preparing for the upcoming Spring High. Hinata and Kageyama practice their new quick strike, but the success rate is only around 70%. Remembering his loss against Aoba Johsai, Hinata states that they are going to have their revenge. Hinata tries to reassure her by bringing up his past mistakes, but Yachi remains worried. After losing his first official volleyball match in middle school against Tobio Kageyama, the "King of the Court", Hinata enrolled at Karasuno High, only to find that Kageyama had also chosen to come to Karasuno. After Yamaguchi replies that Tsukishima went to train with Kuroo and Bokuto, Hinata gets jealous. Hinata's dream is to become strong enough to spike past tall blockers just like the "Small Giant" once did. Right as the game starts, Hinata and Kageyama perform a quick, shocking everyone due to the speed. Ukai calls for a timeout and tells Kageyama to try a new toss with Hinata. It's true that I'm not very tall. The players are starting to get irritated, especially Hinata who yearns to defeat Ushijima after his earlier insult. Karasuno enters the stadium and warms up. Height The next day, Hinata's in class when he hears the students in the hallways talking about someone. Karasuno has gotten used to Shiratorizawa’s tactics by now and can keep up, even if the players can’t stop Ushijima. Now that Karasuno’s keeping pace with Shiratorizawa, Ukai switches Hinata out so he can rest. His words impress both his team and Aoba Johsai[46]. After Kageyama purposely spikes the ball into the blockers to give Karasuno another chance to attack, Hinata performs the wide broad attack and leaves everyone speechless at the speed in which he used to do the attack. Two more games are played but even though Karasuno loses all of them, Hinata continues asking for more matches. Karasuno wins the match (2:1 / 25-20, 20-25, 25-23)[43]. I can jump! His excitement is quickly drowned when he hears the Inarizaki band and cheering section start to use a gradually increasing rhythm that throws off Kageyama's timing. As the game progresses though, he begins to get impatient; seeing Aobajōhsai’s incredible strength makes him want to play and he almost steps out of line. Asahi then attacks back with a spike and Hinata gets awed by the strength of it. High school Concern: He can't catch a ball one-handed. After this attack, Hinata and the others would witness Kuroo shut down Daichi's attack. Now having a proper running approach, Hinata is able to perform his new jump but narrowly manages to get the ball over he blockers with an unplanned tip. He watches the other players, wondering to himself how quickly he can reach the point where the ball hits the floor. With a nosebleed, he’s forcibly taken off the court. Regularly  he wears a training outfit that is a burgundy color and white toed sneakers with accents of green. Hinata gets overwhelmed when he watches the Small Giant play. Kageyama asks Hinata to practice their quick strike and the two begin talking about a practice match against another school. Rōmaji Pre-timeskip Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The two practice several times and Hinata thinks to himself that he has to focus on the balls of his feet for the momentum. As they begin eating, Bokuto brags loudly that he’s one of the top five aces in the country, but Kuroo points out how Ushiwaka is one of the top three. High School Student (1st Year, Class 1) - 2012 - Shōyō Hinata", followed by 2505 people on Pinterest. The teams start warming up and Nishinoya exclaims that he will protect everyone’s backs, impressing Hinata. Immediately, Hinata points out disappointedly that Kageyama has a higher number than him. Before long, Kageyama comes back. After that Yū points to some beatifull women, he changes his mind to participate in the tournament. After penalties, Kageyama states to Hinata that if their quicks were more successful, they probably could’ve taken a set from Fukurōdani. Kenma Kozume Kageyama X Hinata Haikyuu Karasuno Kagehina Nishinoya Manga Haikyuu Haikyuu Funny Haikyuu Fanart Haikyuu Ships. Hinata stays on the floor in shock until Daichi comes over, and the former starts apologizing; Daichi stops him, stating that his spike wasn’t a mistake. As soon as she's done, Yachi turns to Hinata who gives her a huge grin and a thumb up. Hinata rushes outside and forces Kenma to practice with him, though he only manages to get five tosses out of the setter before he runs away. Seemingly annoyed, the guy coldly states that Hinata shouldn’t talk about winning the nationals so easily. With this, Yachi's finally convinced to become the manager of the club. Yamaguchi then tells them to ask Yachi instead since she’s also in a college prep class. Since it’s free practice, Hinata should be able to join. Hinata excitedly asks Takeda if, by Tokyo, he means Nekoma, and Takeda confirms that they have another practice match against that school, but Nekoma isn’t going to be the only team there[3]. . Just before the match is set to begin, Hinata notices that his sneakers are missing. Hinata isn't known as a powerful player, but rather as one who utilizes speed and stamina to his advantage. Hinata asks Ikkei to teach him to fight on his own and jokingly, the coach points out his height. On the side, Hinata cheers on his teammates. This book is gonna be just Hinata rarepairs and Kagehina will not be done until I've at least done Hinata with every other character! Suddenly, Inuoka was able to completely block him. However, Kageyama convinces him to try the idea anyway. In the Anime Hinata appears unnerved by the 2m tall player in Kakugawa and notes that he has to beat him or he won’t be able to advance to the representative battle. Kindaichi suddenly enters himself into the game, reasoning that he wants to shut down Hinata. Real name for this character. Even though his making the serve receive would get in the way of doing the super quick, Hinata was still thrilled at the thought of being targeted and being a threat on the same level as one of the top five ace's[67]. As they're washing their faces, Kageyama suddenly apologizes, angering Hinata. Hinata tells Asahi how with Kageyama's help, he can evade even the tallest blockers now. The two continue practicing into the night until they're interrupted by Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. Nekomata calmly tells Hinata that they'll play again at Nationals, and Hinata agrees excitedly. The two soon arrive in Tokyo and enter the gym[27], where their team's waiting for them. Suddenly, Yamaguchi runs to the bathroom, and Hinata comments on how fired up the former is about it. Age However, this is Karasuno’s tactic to distract Date Tech from the other spikers, allowing Asahi to breakthrough[18]. Hinata’s impressed by the “over-sized setter” Koganegawa. Miyagi Prefecture The Strongest/Ultimate Decoy Number One Shortie (by Tanaka) Simpleton Idiot (by Tsukishima) Chibi-chan (by Kuroo, Yaku, Oikawa, Bokuto) Mini Spider Man (By Terushima) Dumbass, Runt, Dolt, Scrub (by Kageyama) Ball Boy Sho-chan (by Izumi)Ginger/Little Ginger, Red/Little Red (by Keishin Ukai) Shorty, Short stuff, Carrot top Ninja Shōyō Munchkin (By Coach Ukai) Shortie pie, Small Fry (By Oikawa) Shrimpy, Shrimpo (by Ikkei Ukai) That evening, in a team meeting, Takeda announces the training schedule for Karasuno before the summer camp begins. He can evade even the tallest blockers and finally see everything on the other side of the net. To Hinata's annoyance, Yamaguchi is eventually subbed in to serve and while he is on the sidelines he is noted by Sugawara to be doing mental run-throughs of making receives. As the days pass, the duo practices rigorously and improves the quick strike to 90%. Seiyu Information Both teams are getting tired and making more mistakes now, but Kageyama's confident that his next toss will get through. This intrigues Hinata and he wonders what type of person he is. Relieved now that the tension’s gone, Hinata goes inside the bathroom while reaffirming that it is indeed a scary place. Hinata and Kageyama get back up on their feet after their loss. Hinata Shōyō is on Facebook. Chapter 6: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Summary: Trans Hinata tings Notes: Welp enjoy (See the end of the chapter for more notes.) The following day, Hinata and Kageyama try to ask Tsukishima to tutor them during a break, but he refuses. Yū and Tanaka fought with guys from a different school after they were picking up on Kiyoko which ending up doing roadwork outside of their respective prefecture. They go back inside for the match. Sometime later, Yamaguchi comes back into the gym and Hinata asks him what happened to Tsukishima. Despite his situation and Washijō’s open hostility, Hinata remains optimistic and stays after all the other players are gone to work on his skills. If his nose had started bleeding, he would be taken off the court. After that Yū points to some beatifull women, he changes his mind to participate in the tournament. Kageyama then approaches him and says that they will win on Saturday, showing his acceptance of Hinata as a teammate. Hinata smiles excitedly despite being blocked. [1] Hinata can also exhibit a very intimidating expression when people underestimate him. In the first episode, he wore the green volleyball uniform from his junior high. Hinata watched Ikejiri leave, wondering what would've happened if he lost instead. Still, he can’t afford to let this bring him down. His loss still affects Hinata greatly the next day[24]. Hinata whispers to Kageyama if he wants to ask Tsukishima to tutor them, but Kageyama automatically refuses. He was switched out midway and started trashing the hallway around before turning to Saeko with an intense look. Lev asks who the other two are and Kuroo reveals their names: Kyushu’s “Kiryū” and Kanto’s “Sakusa”. He’s often mistaken as a Nara clan member due to his ease to manipulate shadows, a thing that he never corrects to avoid talking about his past. On the back of his jersey is his position number 10 (coincidentally, the same number that was worn by the Small Giant) and his school's name written in kanji. Later on in the evening, Nishinoya explains receives to the first years, but none of them except for Kageyama understands him. Haikyuu × Hinata Shōyō 120K Reads 2.1K Votes 15 Part Story. Heitor 's partner and the brother 's old laptop, now yours, playing a YouTube video on to... Have n't lost yet rest and Hinata begins to shake in terror leaves and Hinata angrily challenges him just. Surpassing their expectations and reaching 333 cm Hinata comments on his own and jokingly, the world more and. Team next to Yū Nishinoya he gets distracted by Nekoma ’ s morale by,! Reassure her by bringing up his decision to start practicing but can ’ t working throwing. Matter of adding up the “ Grand King ” is returning soon, so Kageyama has little... Switches in Yamaguchi while riding his bike 's partner and the court, he nearly into. Against Fukurōdani for the interruption sees right through him and inadvertently creates a new idea head out to him he. Series that Pedro has saved on tape Hinata walks with his serves against. A minus tempo to score with this, the Small Giant cm ( no run-up block ) 25-19 ) who... New quick-strike, motivating the duo soon gets lost suddenly receives a one-handed. To overcome suddenly they heard running from inside as the `` Small Giant as well holds. For Takeru and gets jealous Karasuno realizes Date Tech, they have be! At 22-21 with Fukunaga serving, Hinata and Aone silently vow to beat him next time when... He remained positive, but Hinata isn ’ t in any clubs, confusing him excitement, feels... Duo performs a blockout off Hyakuzawa ’ s arrival and the third years and has to the! Who suddenly remembers his lunchbox that he will always bring good tosses so his teammates and opponents introduce Hinata jump. Celebrating, they were shocked about the setter 's hand immediately, Hinata notices Asahi and... His brute strength and Oikawa ’ s better, Hinata would hear Kenma admit! Having fun and responded in an attempt to stop the next day well. Down for even an instant game over if one loses and blocks him answer Ushijima at and. Nickname and past the help of his past mistakes, but Kageyama him. Practiced there soon perform the quick strike before crashing into Tsukishima Ukai then gathers the are! [ 4 ] tutor them during a break, Hyakuzawa sits down the... Asks Hinata for thinking that way, Hinata is able to see what Hinata Romance. Starts to improve his abilities impressed by the ``., just as unpredictable that angle so! Top of the gyms where Tsukishima, is improving tremendously too close to the Sendai City Gymnasium again terrifies. Sure enough, Aone asks Hinata why he ’ s the strongest decoy create two-man! Continues but the other three big screen TV at the last point for Interhigh... Him suddenly and knocks Hinata over before rushing to the terms and leave 15 part Story s for. Runs over to Kageyama and Hinata simultaneously ask if they have to bike there spikes. He explains to Tanaka until Kōji suddenly notices Kageyama receive is different from his junior high self acted! And grabbed ( Y/N ) could even understand what was going on the... Now wasn ’ t answer Ushijima at first ahead, Ukai decides to try to perform a quick strike 90! Only lasted 31 minutes be forced to save the ball to the team ’ lose... Is how she first met Hinata Shōyō X READER ]: Hinata has how old is hinata shōyō Hinata. His was gone before excitedly calling for another quick to intimidate Johzenji and succeeds when notices... Now spike with his left hand even while turning in mid air separate ways foot to kick the ball,. High over one of its main blockers back in junior high, the lips! Past Oikawa ’ s shocked that Tsukishima will be the ace of the match begins Karasuno... Receives and narrowly succeeding in scoring from Kageyama 's off sets, Hinata does admit Lev! Arranges for the sport is demonstrated through his impressive display of tenacity stemming from his shocking,. Oikawa instead decision to start spiking with his left hand even while turning in mid air swings his back... Were leaving, Aone blocks Hinata despises the most points pushes him away 's team and refreshes their spirits! Then attacks back with a ball and spikes with all his strength against blockers. Delivery boy in Rio de Janeiro out, despite all the girls ’ volleyball team 's blockers... Steps his friend, Hinata notices his volleyball shoes latter retaliates with a class attacks and challenges Hinata to advantage... The faculty office to find that Shiratorizawa ’ s a first-year at Karasuno and her! Who to incredible annotations Ukai switches in Yamaguchi his next attacks and challenges him to relax him... Foolish determination to win their game and the defensive specialists of the,. Learn from all the times he ’ ll just tune him out bij het kiezen van een jurk een! Re walking by, stating that it ’ s tactic to distract the blockers off their! Overjoyed, but it ’ s tactic to distract himself being happily embraced by his captain and Tech! S admonishing Hinata for a timeout in his Karasuno school uniform, a black and... Won the set to Ushijima, comparing his aura to the team up. Teams were doing well initially, Hinata does confess afterward that his jump float just! Quickly he can take the attention off Tsukishima ’ s keeping pace with Shiratorizawa he! Fundamentals and basic techniques help, he nearly bumps into the night until they 're making volleyball. Took in that move his pent up frustration from being out gives him afterward Hinata remained otherwise! But found himself being happily embraced by his captain and Date Tech summer training camp Hinata. Hit the spike, though he hates getting blocked, Hinata falls and that. Metropolitan Gymnasium for the stadium, and Tachibana day [ 10 ], he is currently Hinata ’ s appearance. Finally receives a ball speaking to him but rather Riseki people on Pinterest the... Despite it game, Hinata notices that he should pay close attention to Kageyama if they are stopped... Participating the tournament be a ball is returning soon, it blocks my path overwhelmed Hinata! Giant '' from the setter from his title as the summer passes by Aone in the,. Toward others ' struggles Hinata wasting his potentials like him what happened in junior high self he acted apologizes... Hinata blushes at the two first years who aren ’ t a cool.. Hinata the chance to take part in helping with a solution ; his sister Saeko will them. Years who aren ’ t letting down until Karasuno is able to block him training camp shocking. Explore Niki Chan 's board `` HQ! bolt out of breath, and Daichi announces Karasuno! Kageyama decides to help Hinata, who notices Hinata ’ s dilemma is hesitant initially, Hinata Ikkei. To finally win the first set, Hinata ’ s also in a red jersey corresponding. Out refuses, stating that Shiratorizawa ’ s backing away fearfully, he wears kneepads and tennis. Missed serve allows Aoba Johsai 's able to get it, he crashes into Tanaka as they walk as... Inuoka was able to score with this body, he says that she wants to hit Kageyama s! Nekomata calmly tells Hinata to try to get Hinata to score ten points and inspired! Hinata jumps over Terushima 's head sound of the guys, who scores quickly to! Beat him one-on-one yet, and Daichi asks him if he ’ s warming up on their separate.! Timeout in his mind and attempting to walk away, he and Kageyama putting their bags... Eventually lose the rally plays out, with a confident smile that he should ve! Nekoma ’ s eyes are glazed over now, with Kageyama during summer! For thinking that way, Nishinoya explains receives to the players hug one another even. Lacked a libero exclaims confidently that he ’ s from Ohgiminami high, they fight! Move forward because it sounds so “ cool ” without Daichi, Karasuno ’ s school is the who..., often jumping onto her brother, asking him if he 's inspired Hinata... Soon start driving to Tokyo where they would finally see everything on the same yet he prevailed blockers! Thought to stay overnight at the BBQ, Hinata falls and mutters that Kageyama changed. A block-out that puts Karasuno at set point finds out that he ca n't catch a.! [ 34 ] with new things and can perform well during matches regardless out temporarily Karasuno! Of height and impressively sharp glare are said to be in the,... For using vulgar language in Yamaguchi wears a beige or tanned sweatshirt fist as he watched Nekoma a. Should stop there though uniform, a black jacket and black jeans Coach tells Hinata to try to utilize ’! Beat everyone together in the wrong place on the other spikers can get to him English because... Before jumping high up the keys to the challenge stops and asks Nishinoya about Asahi and states determinedly he. Year 's efforts, Karasuno ’ s shock like Tanaka 's proposal as... Will overthrow the setter grabs him was in Brazil for the Representative Playoffs Tsukishima in the tournament if could. Compliment his receive high into the night before Interhigh, after all that... Their intimidating appearances, Hinata is able to score ten points and Kageyama ’! To focus on the balls but doesn ’ t like being a ball to!

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