I’ve had it for a few months and will be writing up a brief review soon, but the short version is that it’s great and I have nothing negative to say at all. The dead air mount is far superior to the surefire. That makes no sense. I suppose a strap wrench would be the way to install this guy as, again, there are no wrench flats but also really no other appropriate feature to exploit for torquing purposes (I may have shoved the shaft of a screwdriver in the muzzle teeth). In that testing, it reduced recoil by 60.73% compared to a bare muzzle. It’s FUDS like you who want to tell others how to enjoy their firearms, who are the people I can not stand at the range. Weight: 3.299 oz Last time I was there, I got assigned the bay next to a guy who was shooting an AR with a VG6 Epsilon. The upside to that is a clean aesthetic as the diameter of the BC-23’s perfectly round base is going to line up nicely with most standard barrel profiles. Our Price: $69.00. Weight: 2.983 oz Denver. Jeremy. My opinion is that if you’re using a muzzle brake on a firing line at a public range, you’re an asshole. Cody, pick any brake you like and add an Indian Creek Design BFD to the package, it will give you all the brake capabilities you want and throw the blast downrange too. Finish: black or bead blast stainless Finish: bare I doubt there would be much if any swapping of ranks (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, etc.). New price – $303 – Knight’s Armament MAMS, Link Update 2 of 3 Diameter (at largest point): 1.264″ Length: 2.355″ Length: 3.007″ Finish: black They make it in both. Yup, Strike makes some awesome values. Material: steel MSRP: $79.95. Crap. Dyspeptic- I helped develop the Indian Creek Design BFD (blast forwarding device) that Jeremy S is testing. Diameter (at largest point): 0.866″ Material: 4140 steel or 17-4 stainless steel I believe the blast/wind from both of these brakes is approximately the same, but the Titan may have a little more concussion that your neighbors at the range will feel. Machining and finish is as nice as it gets from any company. I also want to do another AR-15 trigger roundup (component triggers this time) and a couple of flashlight roundups (tactical and gun-mounted). The limited tests I’ve proposed are about as empirical as it gets when it comes to testing the ACTUAL effectiveness of these devices in doing what we REALLY want them to achieve: Keeping the muzzle down during strings of fire. MSRP: $69. Expect a meaningless (~5%) reduction of recoil from it. New price – $56.95 – Apex Tactical Enhanced Stabilization Attachment The same can not be said if one is spotting for the M4-72 my cousin bought after the first test. I just received my Venom 3 chamber comp… and I’m so confused how this part could be $13 shipped to my door. Weight: 16.8 oz WeaponTech Punisher Compensator/Flash Hider: The WeaponTech Punisher Comp/Flash Hider, sold via Primary Arms (and designed by the same guy who created the ACSS scope reticle, which I absolutely love), is a novel combination of brake, comp, and flash hider. I’d basically choose the best-performing brake that’s compatible with a blast shield, and ensure that it’s a blast shield that can go on and off easily/quickly. The Excel doc includes all of the length, width, weight, and cost data in addition to the results of each test in inches and as a percentage, etc…. I also use at the bench but I figure I need the flash reduction. Material: steel (also available in stainless steel) Machining is pretty dang clean, but as you can tell my loaner from Lisa Marie AKA “Lady 3 Gun” is very, very used. Does the extra weight account for that ~.4″ improvement? Muzzle rise on an AR only happens because of rearwards recoil. I’m curious about the blast control/mitigation to see if they redirect the sound forward. The noise, muzzle flash, and concussion were so obnoxious that every time he shot I flinched. MSRP: $135.99 in titanium (not available in stainless). I guess, maybe. Netting a 62.7% recoil reduction in a tiny, lightweight package means I’m definitely a fan. Weight: 2.25 oz Maybe if you’ve had rotator cuff surgery, or you’re shooting a full-auto rifle. Link Update 1 or 3 If so, which ones? New link – https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/muzzle-devices/compensators-amp-muzzle-brakes/ar-15-m4-72-severe-duty-compensator-dlc-22-caliber-prod58033.aspx?avad=avant&aid=170901&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Itwine-_-Avantlink-_-Custom+Link&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_content=NA&utm_campaign=Itwine Material: stainless steel (also available in titanium, and sometimes other metals) Weight: 2.35 oz Or at least a very competitive price. Q when will you attempt to do another test since there are many new brakes are in the market after your last video on the subject in 2016. It exhibits no more concussion than a regular flash hider while reducing visible muzzle flash by well over 98 percent. A hybrid device that has either advertised flash suppressing properties or functionally has flash suppressing properties would be deemed a flash suppressor. I would like to see some of AR15performance.com flash and breaks tested. This one was made while they were refining the CNC code]. No Change – Lilja Heartbraker Muzzle Break And chose the threaded Griffin Armament Flash comp. In the 160+ muzzle devices I’ve tested, this was the first one that had to receive a DQ — I simply couldn’t install it. My hypothesis is that the downward push imparted by comps MIGHT be effective in the bigger picture and MIGHT be part of the reason why they remain so popular even though pure brakes seem to be more effective at pure recoil mitigation. I bought a gel-filled recoil pad for $27 that I placed over the butt stock on my AR and it reduced felt recoil by at least 50 to 60% and my next add-on will be a flash can. I would love to see how these tested using a 10.5 inch barrel as on a AR Pistol platform. Dead/ Bad Links – Rifenbark Armory S.O.M. Each muzzle device was timed properly, and tested twice. New price – $85 – Griffin Armament M4SD Hammer Comp Again thanks for the videos and in depth reviews. Special Price $5.49 . I could not agree more. Material: steel But the fact is that even the most effective brakes do not negate ALL reward forces of muzzle blast. You may also be interested in the AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup … The important stat is the recoil reduction as a percentage, which has proven pleasingly consistent. In this tough competition it didn’t come within sight of the podium, but cutting recoil by more than half (55.52%) is still admirable. Incidentally, that was before Griffin even released the Paladin brakes. Which, as you may note, was two years ago. Finish: black My 20″ wears a KAW linear comp and noticeably reduces concussion and noise at the shooter’s ear and spectators to the sides. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Your Price: $129.00 Out of Stock. wish the newish JP 3 port brakes had made it into this test. In addition to that, the unique design is supposed to provide some recoil reduction via prongs that increase in width as they approach the muzzle. Griffin’s M4SD line of suppressors and muzzle devices uses the same QD mounting grooves as the A2 birdcage, meaning their suppressors work on an A2 and their muzzle devices work with most other brands of A2-compatible suppressors. Over the past year Ive come to use my DeadAir cans almost exclusively on both my bolt guns and gas guns. I’ll do request #2, since that’s an interesting data point. Dead/ Bad Links – Precision Armament AFAB-556 Hybrid Muzzle Brake