Genre: He tests Shen Qiao, again and again for his good nature and mild temperament. Husky and his white cat Shizun is a Xianxia romance with a comedic undertone. His disciple turns into the demon side after some brainwashing from the demons, and Mu Chen takes the sole blame for it. The digital screens might replace the papers, and burning electronics might replace the subtle smell of used paper. When it comes to BL, the choices are usually all sex and somewhat rapey or the drama-intense fluff where you MIGHT get a kiss. Love is more than a word is romantic and innocent in a tragic way, with politics playing a vital role. Meat Ball doesn’t eat meat is the author of this novel and has done a great job in progressing the relationship between the two at a natural pace. He reincarnates and decides to teach his disciple properly this time only to find out the disciple has very different plans. 1 year ago. Is It … The talented hacker transmigrates into various worlds to enact as a villain forcefully. … This novel, contrary to the others, solely focuses on the relationship between the MC and ML. Mo Xiang Tong Xiu wrote the Xuanhuan novel in 2015. no kiss or anything. 126. This Shounen Ai is a good read for realistic and romantic transmigration fans. The BL Chinese novel follows the medicine god Yan Mo who is banished to a primitive tribe setting. This novel is a sci-fi and takes place in a modern setting. I love reading BL novels or Yaoi. However, he has had enough of this tragic repetition and decides to rebel. The especially downplayed romance makes the story even more compelling to read. The story revolves around the music and relationship of four boys in a band. Even though the romance is slow brewing, the many events and dense plot make up for it. Watching our loved ones suffer, and being helpless is a cruel thing; this plot highlights it most beautifully and sadly as possible. Mo ran time-travels unexpectedly back only to find out that his teacher, who he has been sexually harassing, was a caring person. This 113 chapters long novel with 13 extra chapters is one of the most popular Xianxia of all time. Until Xie Yan study abroad returned, brought back a girlfriend. a Chinese (BL) Anime Never Look this Good Before! The main icing on the cake is the Mpreg that adds the presence of children. One becomes the Emperor, one becomes a king, but it looks like there's going to be some conflict between them (? (DAKAICHI -I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-) vs Love Stage!! What follows next? This Shounen Ai plot carries very substantial progress with vulnerable characters. Crunchyroll Officially Announces their Next Batch of Spring Anime! Top 15+ BL Manhwa and Gay Webtoons: A Guide for ALL! BL Chinese novels can be a little hard to read. There he has to survive the brutal and primal conditions of the tribe and mindsets. This BL Chinese Xianxia novel mainly focuses on the romance between the two leads in each story’s arches. This novel follows the male lead Shen Qiao who falls down a peak and becomes blind and amnesiac. However, the duo quickly becomes romantically comfortable and fit better as the plot progresses. The Founder of Diabolism, otherwise known as Grandmaster of Demon Cultivation has got to be on most Chinese BL novel readers’ favourite list, and the same applies to me! This two seasons novel takes place in a school setting between Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai. This type of animation is referred to as Donghua. It's about two princes who were childhood friends. Recently Viewed . Nothing in the plot is in a rush. Look no further. Thank you. The story gradually gets better and more compelling, the more you read. The all famous Yan Wushi, master of a demonic sect, stumbles across him who is in a critical state. They unveil various aspects and shades of themselves while also doing their job as a Lawyer and Magistrate. 15 Titles 2 Loves. The humor in the story is a refreshing break among the action and adventure laden plot. Its characters have a very defined and three-dimensional persona, which makes them relatable too. Producers : Lerch... Born as a shounen-ai manga in 2013 by Kizu Natsuki's skilled pen, Given gained so much popularity that it got an anime adaptation for the current sea... Sarazanmai was one of the strangest shows from this past season, though it was also one of the most impactful.

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