Social Compliance Policy

Aqaba Manufacturing & Refining Vegetable Oils Co. strives to make its facilities a unique working environment that promotes professionalism and respect for one another through fostering an environment where each employee feels appreciated as an individual and is treated with respect and professionalism. This is also implied in our internal system that is approved by the Jordanian Ministry of Labor on January 14th, 2014.

Work Environment

Aqaba Vegetable Oils Co. provides a safe, healthy, clean working environment for all its employees, by:

  • Providing a suitable and adequate safeguard against potentially harmful situations or materials at our facilities,
  • Complying with every applicable local law and regulation governing working conditions,
  • Offering clean and secure lodging to employees that are secured with housing,
  • Prohibiting the use of cruel and unusual disciplinary practices in the workplace.

Use of Ethical and Just Hiring Practices

  • Fair wages and appropriate working hours: The company provides pay and benefits to its employees as well as suitable working hours and is compensating employees with a salary that is equal to or higher than the current local minimum wage.
  • Child Labor: The company will under no circumstances accept the use of child labor in its operations, and it will not buy any products from suppliers that do so.
  • Forced or Compulsory Labor: The company will under no circumstances use forced or mandatory labor in its operations, and it will not buy any products from suppliers who do so.
  • Discrimination: The company employs individuals based on their ability to perform a job task, not based on personal characteristics, beliefs, or any form of discrimination, and expects our suppliers to employ individuals on the same basis.

Safety, Health, and the Environment

Aqaba Vegetable Oils Co. is dedicated to preserving the environment and ensuring the health and welfare of its employees, neighbors, and customers. We are continuously working in reducing our impact on the environment and are coming up with solutions that safeguard both people and the environment while enabling our facilities to continue providing products with the high standards of quality and value that customers expect.

Monitor Compliance

Aqaba Vegetable Oils Co. regularly inspects its facilities to make sure that this Code of Conduct is being followed.