Al-Farah® Vegetable Ghee (Butter Flavor)

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Cholesterol Free
100% Pure and Non-Hydrogenated

Ingredients: Non-Hydrogenated Palm Oil, artificial ghee flavoring substances, Beta-Carotene, T.B.H.Q.

Available sizes: 15 Kg (Tin), 1.7 Kg (Tin), 1 Kg (Tin).

Al-Farah® Vegetable Ghee is 100% pure, made from natural vegetable oil.

Benefits of Al-Farah® Vegetable Ghee:

  • It is free of trans fatty acid.
  • Rich in natural vitamins.

Uses of Al-Farah® Vegetable Ghee:

  • Ethnic food - used in Arabic cuisine
  • Deep-frying - used to fry all consumables
  • Sweets - highly favored in preparing sweets and snacks
  • Multipurpose cooking