Our Services

Aqaba Vegetable Oils provides a variety of services. We are well known for selling oil in an unpackaged manner.

We sell the products below:

  • Crude Degummed Soybean Oil

  • Fully Refined (RBD) Soybean Oil

  • Soy Lecithen

  • Fully Refined (RBWD) Corn Oil

  • Fully Refined (RBWD) Sunflower Oil

  • Fully Refined (RBD) Canola Oil

The goods can be loaded in different formats such as:

  • Flexi-tanks

  • Road tankers

  • 1,000 kg of intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s)

  • 200 kg drums

  • 40 kg drums

We are committed to serving our community by providing the best Vegetable Oils and assuring the finest quality ever.